Announcing My 2023 Writing Projects: New Year Spectacular Finale!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

After giving this year a lot of thought, I decided that I’m going to go all out in 2023. My goal is to publish three books, write two major short stories, edit and pursue traditional publication for Project Pea, finish a video game script, and begin a short story series.


It’s a lot, but the last thing I want to be this year is lazy. With the plan I have laid out, I believe I can achieve these goals little by little. And if I fall short, it just gives me guidance on how to plan for next year!

ALL the Projects!

So, what exactly are these projects? I’m glad you asked!

  • An untitled fantasy short story for the Writers of the Future competition.
  • A sci-fi video game script that’s already been in the works for about a year now; actually, I’m one of the founding members of a new indie game studio! I hope to share more details on this project soon.
  • A longer, more complete version of “The Lion of Garatoth.” I know I said I was done with it, but I still feel like I can do more with the concept—the rewrite only made that more clear to me! Once I’m finished, I plan on actually publishing it or submitting it to a competition.
  • A series of short stories posted on Vocal featuring everyone’s (or at least my) favourite intergalactic detective, Shera Nox and her crew on the Endeavour. Though in a futuristic sci-fi genre, these stories read like traditional “whodunnits” by Agatha Christie or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; they’re just in a brand new setting!
  • The untitled second book in the Tales of Laflor series continuing the adventures of Briar and Irvyr. If you haven’t read the first book The Dragon’s Den yet, grab it here!
  • A travel memoir about my trip to the UK in 2019. The working title is Chasing the Sunrise, but it’ll likely change (though probably still involve the sunrise somehow). I’m considering looking for an indie publisher who might like to pick this one up!
  • The Drabbles of a Dreamer Volume 2. That’s right! I published the first volume of Drabbles back in 2019, my first ever published book. I was so proud of my achievement, but I’ve grown a lot as writer since then and I have tons of new stories collected. Look out for Volume 2 this year, and get your copy of the first one if you don’t have it yet!
  • And finally…Project Pea! This is my biggest WIP that I’ve been intensely working on for two years now. It’s going to take a lot of revising and editing to make it complete, but I’m excited to get to it this year.

(Remember: you can be a part of these projects by joining my beta reader list!)

And speaking of Project Pea, those of you who have stuck around since the start of this blog are probably wondering by now why in the world I call it Project Pea. And maybe you’re wondering what the actual title of the book is.

So now, for the first time, I’ll finally tell you.

“Project Pea”

The title “Project Pea” came about because of the original title of the novel, which was going to be The Pupil. So: “Project P” or, the better looking “Project Pea.” However, the plot of the novel evolved far from my original concept, making my original title irrelevant.

My current working title (which will, again, likely change) is This Is Convergence. Originally, I was toying with the title Convergence, but it seemed too generic, too simple. Still, I used it as a working title for a time. Then, when I started my most recent draft of the book, I labelled the document “this is Convergence” to tell myself that it was the most recent version of the book. But the more I saw it, the more I thought it was an interesting title. And so, a new working title made on accident!

I highly suspect that this is not the final title. It still doesn’t feel complete to me, but I’m getting closer, and I’m excited to finally give you an actual title for Project Pea!

And now you know about my very ambitious goals for this year. I so appreciate all of your support as I set out on these endeavours! Since I’ll be busy with so many bigger projects, you’ll want to make sure to follow me on Vocal or keep my page bookmarked, as that’s where most of my stories will be. Likely, the only fiction on the blog will be flash fiction on Wednesdays when I don’t have a story to share from Vocal. Otherwise, I’ll be sharing my normal writing tips, resources, reviews, motivation, and more!

We Have a Winner!

Last, but certainly not least, it’s time for our giveaway winner! Shay the time-traveller (read her entry comment, it’s hilarious) has won a free ebook copy of each of my books…and since she was the only entry, I’m throwing in an extra prize: a free copy of Gumshoes and Gamma Rays, the Indie Space anthology! 🥳 A round of applause, everyone!

Didn’t enter the giveaway? Don’t worry! You can still get each of my books for only a few bucks (or FREE on Kindle Unlimited)—and, to make things even better, my latest book The Dragon’s Den will be on sale all next week, starting at just $0.99! For that minuscule cost, you can get yourself an exciting fantasy adventure and support an indie author at the same time.

Well, it’s been an exciting week, hasn’t it? Thank you for sharing it with me; I can’t wait to see what we all do this year!

Happy writing!

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