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She is a masterful writer with amazing command of language and a phenomenal talent. To this, add wonderful communicator, punctual deliverer, thoughtful, and wildly creative…she’s an all-round pro.

Strongly recommended for people looking for a good fantasy writer.”

E.J. is a great writer/editor to work with...her articles are fun to read, interesting and captivating. If you are looking for a brilliant writer to write content for you, I highly recommend hiring her!

“This project was more art than anything else, and E.J. taught me so much about the writing process. I very much enjoyed learning what it’s like to have a hands-on approach, and despite my lack of experience she accommodated my ideas as best she could! E.J. was a pleasure to work with, especially seeing her adapt her own ideas into the project as it progressed. She will work hard to meet expectations and is very trustworthy. Communication was always a breeze, her pace was consistent, and deadlines were always met.”

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“My imagination was going full speed. There’s enough of a plot in each story to take you on a journey, and yet there’s enough depth and nuance to make you feel like you need a trilogy for each story.

Mackenzie Crossman on The Drabbles of a Dreamer