Get a Head Start on Your Week

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Happy Labor Day to those in the U.S.!

Remember what I said last Monday about rest? Take that to heart today and let yourself have a truly well-deserved break. Eat some hotdogs. Play some football. Most importantly, live in the moment and appreciate the people around you.

But remember: today is not a useless day.

By having some fun and resting today, you’re setting yourself up for an even more productive week. You can even use today to set up your schedule for the week or create some goals to meet. Maybe you want to work on your writing project today. Or maybe you just want to be a couch potato. It’s all valid!

You’re off to a great start. Carry on the motivation you have today throughout the whole week – and here are some tips on how to do it:

  • Create at least one small goal that you can achieve this week
  • Find a good book to read when you have a break during work
  • Create a to-do list every day – as detailed or generic as you want
  • Reward yourself for small victories (I’ll sometimes make myself a latte or grab a piece of dark chocolate once I’ve met a goal!)
  • Be intentional about everything you do; make good use of your time

I’m hoping to give you all a story to carry you through the middle of the week on Wednesday, but I’m still getting used to writing stories ahead of time so they can be approved on Vocal before I share them. Regardless, prepare for a story sometime this week!

And happy writing!

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Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

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