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You voted, and now here’s the result: my 100 follower celebration will be in the form of 100 100-word stories over the course of a year! They won’t be consistent; you may see 5 stories one week and only 2 the next. But one thing you can be sure of is that they’ll all be completely different! Here’s the first one to kick it off, based on a word found in the book Good Writing Words.

It lies on the edge of the sea, desolate. No living thing has touched it in 3,000 years. The waves come and go, bringing acid in their wake, eating the earth away until it becomes swollen, red, and bleeding like an open wound. The sand that once brought joy is gone, dissolved by the monstrous ocean. The trees that once provided shade try year after year to grow, only to be thwarted by the green-tinged waters. But the beach fights back, though it doesn’t know what it’s fighting for. After so long, it can never regain what it once had.

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