Writeober Day 6: Haunted

Everyone always said there was something strange about the tiny house on Sepulcher Lane. 

First, there was its size. In fact, “tiny” was an understatement. It was so small that no one knew how someone could ever live inside of it. Then there was the perfectly manicured lawn, always kept neatly, never even showing a thought of overgrowing. 

And yet, there was never a car in the driveway of the tiny house on Sepulcher Lane. The lights were never on. No one had ever even heard the growl of a lawnmower. 

But sometimes, people did claim to hear pleasant laughter when walking by the house in the middle of the day. They noted that there were always white flowers blooming in the flowerpot that sat beside the front door. A calico cat was seen sleeping on the doormat at  nearly all hours of the day. 

So while no one could conclude what exactly happened at the tiny house on Sepulcher Lane, most people agreed that it was haunted…but not by the usual kind of ghost. 

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