A Brand New Story To Tell

Hey everyone! I’m back on my blog after an absence due to promoting my book and getting caught up in a lot of work and general busyness. And boy do I have some new things for you!

I have a brand new story idea to share, which will be exclusively on this blog for the time being. I’m not sharing details at the moment because that’s part of the fun! I’m going to post little short stories that lead up to introducing the main character, all the while dropping hints about the genre(s) and the details of the story.

I will say that this idea is pretty unique and when it came to me I wondered why I’d never really seen anything like it done before. (I’m sure it’s out there somewhere, though!) It combines two of my favourite kinds of things to read–and now I will say no more.

Stay tuned, because the first short story, “The Muapran Disagreement,” is coming soon!

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