My Favourite Doctor Who Speech

Today there was a worldwide rewatch of one of my favourite Doctor Who stories, The Zygon Invasion/Inversion. Though I wasn’t able to participate due to the workload I currently have, it made me think about the first time I watched these episodes when they aired. Up until that point I had really liked the Twelfth Doctor, but as soon as The Zygon Inversion ended I looked over at my friend Jayden who had watched it with me and simply said, “I think he’s my favourite now.”

This, of course, is mostly due to the incredible speech the Doctor gives to resolve the final conflict of the episodes. It’s always a rather risky move to complete a fast-paced, action-packed storyline with a 10 minute monologue, and though it didn’t hit some fans in quite the right way, I’ve always been in awe of it. I can still remember just sitting there with my mouth hanging open as I watched it for the first time, just completely enthralled and blown away by the incredible writing and Peter Capaldi’s performance. Out of all the completely amazing speeches in Doctor Who, this one takes the cake for my favourite of all time.

Here’s an excerpt from the speech, as it doesn’t exist in its entirety on YouTube (in good quality, that is). Even if you’ve never seen even a minute of Doctor Who, I think it’s worth watching. Enjoy!

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