What is truth?

This is the age of truth. Anything is true. Everything is true. If you believe something is true, then it is.

All of this begs the question: what is the definition of “truth?”

True is defined as “in accordance with fact or reality.” Truth, then, is “the quality or state of being true.” So in warping the definition of truth, we have effectively warped reality.

And that is exactly where many problems today stem from.

Imagine this: billions of parallel universes. They’re all essentially the same, but different in small, seemingly unimportant ways. Each universe has its own reality. Now imagine all of those parallel universes bumping into each other, trying to assert their versions of reality onto other universes. It’s complete and utter chaos, and whole universes are destroyed in the wake. You don’t really have to imagine it, do you? This is what our world is like today.

There’s something that a lot of people miss. There’s only one universe. There’s only one reality, one truth. If there are several contradicting truths that are all true, then what is truth? What is fact? It means our world is built on lies. Everything we know, even the ground beneath our feet, is no longer a fact but simply hope.

Maybe we have to accept that some things just aren’t true. Maybe our lives are constant journies to find truth.

I pray every day for God to show me truth. I don’t want to see through a lens of prejudice. I don’t want to live in my own warped version of reality. Do you know how easy it is to fall into this? The media pushes their realities onto us. Many people are so sucked into news channels, Facebook posts, and Twitter threads that they become blinded to the truth. This is because the only way we can get to truth is by thought and reason, not misconceptions and heated emotions.

Even as a Christian, the absence of truth is one of the greatest things plaguing our faith today. People are inventing their own forms of Christianity all over the place and they’re turning people away from “the way, the truth, and the life,” which is Jesus. Christian culture today is even discouraging reading the Bible (more on that in another post) and focuses so much on feelings and accepting everything you hear that it makes people forget that God gave us an ability to reason for…well, for a reason.

It’s easy to get caught up in other people’s realities. It’s harder to use our brains to see through them.

Think about this: what is the reality you’ve created for yourself? Relationships, politics, religion–what do you believe is true? Now ask yourself why. Was another reality forced on you from someone or something else? Or have you really, truly sought truth on your own?

If we don’t know what truth is, everything loses meaning. I know that God is the Truth this world is founded on–but whether you believe that or not, you need to search for truth. Because if you don’t, what does life mean?

2 thoughts on “Veritas

  1. I love this, Beebs, and I agree!!! Truth is so very important! I pray for God to reveal His truth to us. It is sad and disconcerting to see so many things built on lies.


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