The Pipe Predicament Chapter 3 – A Sci-Fi Mystery Story

Adan leaned forward. “You know something about this?”  Kr’zani’s tail swished lazily. Behind the fierce expression, Adan knew there were rapid calculations running through that brain of his. His nose twitched like he was sniffing the air.  “You’re telling the truth,” Kr’zani said grudgingly.  “Of course I am!” Adan spread his arms and stood to … Continue reading The Pipe Predicament Chapter 3 – A Sci-Fi Mystery Story

The Pipe Predicament Chapter 2 – a Sci-fi Mystery Story

As the moment of discomfort passed, Kr’zani sniffed. Was that the same smell from the fuel pipe coming from Stone? “What's put you in a bad mood today, then? Don't tell me it was…well, me?”Kr’zani’s tail swished back and forth as he identified the scent for certain. “This is my normal mood, as always, Mr. Stone.”“And … Continue reading The Pipe Predicament Chapter 2 – a Sci-fi Mystery Story


No. 9/100 100-word short stories for my 100 follower celebration! Happy Memorial Day! I knew what the mechanic would say before the words were out of her mouth. The slightly apologetic tilt of the eyebrows, the reservation in the eyes, the uncomfortable shifting of the arms… I’d seen it all too many times.  “I’m sorry, she’s … Continue reading Goner


Ishmael paused on the boundary of everything there had ever been.  His ship smoothly slowed to a standstill. Through the viewport shone stars of all different colours, shapes, and sizes. Goosebumps ran up Ishmael’s arm as he realised that he could be the first being to ever lay eyes upon some of them.  As he … Continue reading Nowhere


It's always advancing. I'm always running. I know I'm not fast enough, but it's the last thing I can do. Across the centuries, every mortal has run from this. I can almost see them as whole galaxies zip past my viewport. They plead and beg and trade, all for one thing: more. More life. More … Continue reading Time