Get COLOURS: An otherworldly short story series TODAY!

Everyone wishes for a second chance, and no one more than the traveller who holds one in his grasp. But what happens when that chance fails, time and time again?The total destruction of a planet, a boy leaving home, a teacher coming in contact with alien life, a draconic businesswoman hungry for power...These people and … Continue reading Get COLOURS: An otherworldly short story series TODAY!


The latest installment in the Colour Series. The Survivor stands alone on a barren world. There was life here, once. Life in abundance. The ocean alone was home to thousands of creatures. The skies were filled with calling birds. The scarce land was populated with people who treated their home planet with reverence. Now, there … Continue reading Red


The latest instalment in the Colour Series. “How am I supposed to live on this single stupid planet for the rest of my life?”  My own voice, roaring so loudly that it seemed to shake the very foundations of my home, replayed in my head. The force of the question made my stomach twist—but it … Continue reading Green