The latest instalment in the Colour Series. “How am I supposed to live on this single stupid planet for the rest of my life?”  My own voice, roaring so loudly that it seemed to shake the very foundations of my home, replayed in my head. The force of the question made my stomach twist—but it … Continue reading Green


This was entered into a short story competition, and while it didn’t win, I still had lots of fun writing it so I wanted to share! The story had to involve someone randomly getting $20,000. I woke up with a start, opening my eyes and expecting to see a great big burning ball of fire … Continue reading Doomsday


The first in a new series of stories each inspired by a different colour! The sun rose in hues of violet that fateful morning. It was likely one of the most beautiful sunsets to ever grace the planet, but no one was watching it. In fact, very few were outside at all, and if they … Continue reading Purple

Writeober Day 28: “Do I have to do everything here?”

It was hopeless.  The Drin were closing in on them. Selene could hear their tiny feet creeping over the soft earth. She drew her sword, holding her breath as she listened.  “Twenty?” Magnus whispered, his back pressed up against hers.  “More.”  “How do they know we took the Shapeshifter’s Slab?”  “Does it matter?” Selene hissed.  … Continue reading Writeober Day 28: “Do I have to do everything here?”