Ishmael paused on the boundary of everything there had ever been.  His ship smoothly slowed to a standstill. Through the viewport shone stars of all different colours, shapes, and sizes. Goosebumps ran up Ishmael’s arm as he realised that he could be the first being to ever lay eyes upon some of them.  As he … Continue reading Nowhere


No. 7/100 100-word short stories for my 100 follower celebration! Barren.  The wasteland before Hassanah was devoid of life, and yet, the land seem to mimic life, as if searching for what it had once possessed. The wind shaped the sand dunes, bending their shapes to its will. Sand flew, carried on the wind, searching for … Continue reading Return

How Long?

No. 5/100 100-word short stories for my 100 follower celebration! (And May the Fourth be with you.) The question echoed down grey corridors, bouncing against the soulless stone walls that had watched over the castle for eternity. But perhaps not for much longer.  It was whispered by the slaves toiling in the fields, the servants running … Continue reading How Long?


No. 3/100 100-word short stories for my 100 follower celebration! The Terror of Tyrus stood in the remains of a ruined world, ashes swirling around him like a raging blizzard. The filter firmly strapped over his nose and mouth should have sterilised the air he breathed,but a bitter taste coated his tongue nevertheless, like he could … Continue reading Terror

The Flower

No. 2/100 100-word short stories for my 100 follower celebration - and remember to follow my journey as I rewrite my YA novel for traditional publication! Cynthia scoured the fields for hours, searching for a simple flower.  The area was surely beautiful as it was, covered in nothing but short, soft grass rolling over gentle hills, like … Continue reading The Flower


I'm back this Monday with another writing warmup! If you're reading this, please take a look at my last post to vote for my 100 followers celebration! You can only vote until Friday, so be sure to make your voice heard! Prompt: a piece of clothing kept just for the memory It's a tattered old … Continue reading Vestiture