Second Chances: A Doctor Who Short Story

During this time we're all staying at home, an awesome company called Fantom--which normally hosts lots of Doctor Who conventions and events in the UK throughout the year--decided to start having virtual Doctor Who conventions! They've been really fun and interactive, including quizzes, live interviews, and competitions. Recently, they held a short story competition for … Continue reading Second Chances: A Doctor Who Short Story

Sneak Peek!

For all you Doctor Who fans out there, this is a little preview of a big story I've been working on where the Seventh Doctor and Ace meet the Twelfth Doctor and Clara! They're my two favourite Doctor and companion duos and I think their dynamics are really similar, so the idea was irresistible! (The … Continue reading Sneak Peek!

To-Do List

Seeing as I'm stuck at home for the time being, I made a pretty hefty to-do list for the coming week. I already finished one thing on it--yay!! Call Hannah (my best friend) every dayDo some heavy duty editing on my sci-fi novel MarcoFinish my epic Twelfth Doctor and Clara with the Seventh Doctor and … Continue reading To-Do List