Reblog: Don’t Cancel Your Own Story by CherylW

If at all possible, finish your posted works. I know, real life can put the whammy on all good intentions so here are some tips on how to avoid abandoning in-process stories.

Don’t Cancel Your Own Story — CherylW

Whether it’s Kindle Vella, one of the many serialised fiction apps/sites, blog posts, or even fanfiction, serialised stories are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Who doesn’t love to read a chapter each week and eagerly await the next instalment? I imagine it must be similar to what it was like back in the day when famous authors posted their novels in small chunks in magazines.

But I know all too well that it’s easy to quit on serialised fiction—which is why I love this post! Cheryl offers several great strategies you can try to make sure you don’t leave your readers hanging, no matter what kind of serialised stories you write. I know I definitely need some help in this area…

So click the link above, give it a read, and as always—

Happy writing!

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