Reblog: How to Work With Beta Readers by A Writer’s Path

There is no one secret to producing a good book. Hard work, patience, more hard work, dogged determination, and did I mention hard work? Yet it is so worth it. And, the more I write, the more I value one particular asset every writer should have. Beta readers! Beta readers are wonderful. Sometimes they are […]

How to Work With Beta Readers — A Writer’s Path

Beta readers – oh so helpful, and yet oh so scary!

As Hope says in this article, I believe that having beta readers is a must as a writer. Other people simply catch problems that we can’t see ourselves, even though it might be a little (or a lot) scary to share our work. And beta readers – especially if they’re trained beta readers – are even better at finding potentially problematic material because they represent your ideal readers.

But how do you work with beta readers? Head over to A Writer’s Path to find out!

Happy writing!

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