Reblog: Being a Better Writer: How Do I “Do the Research?” by Unusual Things

Hey writers! This week on Being a Better Writer we’re talking about a familiar topic, but with a new twist. Research is one thing, but how do we ensure we’re doing good research? Hit the jump, and let’s talk about it!

Being a Better Writer: How Do I “Do the Research?” — Unusual Things

Here’s one thing a lot of fiction writers don’t talk about: research.

As a young fiction writer penning stories that took place in entirely fictional worlds, I often thought to myself, “Research?! That’s only for people who write boring books!” (By which I meant non-fiction – obviously, I’ve changed my opinion on that topic since then.)

But as I wrote more and more, I realised that even fiction writers need to know their stuff, just as Max points out in this post. I love how personal he makes it; he makes you think about “fictional accuracy” (is that a thing?) in a way that makes you want to get your facts right.

I know you’ll enjoy the post – as always, it’s short, sweet, and packed full with great information. Let’s all commit to doing our research, even as fiction writers!

Happy writing!

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