Reblog: Story Verbing Part 1 by Stephen Geez on Story Empire

Greetings, Story Empire mavens! Today’s post starts a two-parter on the nuances of choosing effective verbs to enhance description. Sure, it sounds simple, but you might be impressed with the possibilities. Per my pattern, this post starts with the basics so Part 2 next month will let us explore, play, experiment, brainstorm, innovate—pick some cool […]

Story Verbing Part 1 — Story Empire

Good verbs are the foundation of a good story. Seriously!

Obviously, creating a great story is all about picking the right words, but choosing the right verbs is especially important. Verbs are the difference between a story that makes you fall asleep and one that has you sitting on the edge of your seat. In the post above, Stephen Geez gives some concise pointers about how to choose your verbs wisely and why it’s so important to do so.

Want to craft a meaningful story? Start with engaging sentences – or, in other words, action-packed verbs.

Happy writing!

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