The Terrors of Tales

No. 37/100 flash fiction stories

You can’t escape from the dragons. 

I remember the days when seeing one meant good luck. You could never mistake them for a bird because their scales glinted so peculiarly in the sunlight. To have that colourful sunshine beam down upon you felt like a sign from God himself that you were destined for greatness. 

Now, to spy a dragon is a terrible omen. With their increased numbers come increased confidence. The moment they meet your eyes, they swoop down, scales glittering with all the magnificence you can imagine. You can try to run for cover, but their speed is too great, their vision too sharp. 

When you finally come face to face, warm breath washes over you. All you can do is stand there, helpless, as the dragon rattles off story after story about their brave rescue of a wayward child last week or the time they brought relief supplies to a starving village last month. 

And after hours have passed with no relief, you almost wish that the stories about carnivorous, fire-breathing dragons were true. 

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Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

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