How to Create Your Unique Writing Schedule

One of the biggest mistakes I see new writers make is trying to copy a famous author’s writing schedule. They think that there’s a surefire recipe to success – “just follow this formula and you’ll become an overnight bestseller!” Sadly, there is no magical solution. Each writer must find their own path.

For example, while most authors choose to advertise their books or get discovered on Twitter or TikTok nowadays, I’m on a mission to promote my works without social media. I tried it the normal way, got a decent amount of followers, and had some great interactions with people, but all the while, I hated it. Keeping up with social media drained me and took way too much time away from actually writing. After months of toiling, not much came of it, either. So, I decided to focus on my blog and do what I enjoy best: writing.

The point is that what “everyone else” is doing might not actually be good for you. It’s great to get tips and tricks from more experienced writers, but take everything with a grain of salt (yes, even what I say!). Everyone speaks from experience, and theirs might not match yours. One thing that’s so wonderful about humans is that God creates each one unique. So “one way” to write, “one way” to schedule your time, or “one way” to be successful will never exist.

This means you have to put in some work. As I’ve said many times before, finding a writing schedule that works best for you isn’t an overnight endeavour. It may take weeks, months, or even years to settle into your ideal schedule. After several years of just writing whenever I felt like it, I finally created a schedule three years ago, and I’m still solidifying it now – especially as I’ve gone through several life changes since then. I’m getting closer to my ideal writing schedule all the time!

Here are some questions you need to consider when you’re first creating your unique writing schedule:

When do I have the most energy? When do you find yourself getting the most stuff done? When do you focus best? For many people, it’s either in the morning or at night.

On what days can I write at that time? Make sure to take work, family, church, or any other regular activities into account.

Where can I write? Take into consideration any distractions you could have. The best place to write might be on your porch, at a coffee shop, or somewhere else you can focus.

How long can I write for? Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and keeping your priorities in check!

When can I prepare for that writing time? You need to be prepared to write. For example, if your ideal time is in the morning, you need to eat breakfast before your writing session (good food is brain fuel!). And if you go somewhere to write, you need to wake up in time to get ready to leave for that place.

After answering these questions, you’ll probably find a good chunk of time(s) during the week that you can consistently set aside for writing. How long these sessions are is up to you. You want to make them as long as you can, but even if you just get 30 minutes a day, that’s great! 30 minutes every day is better than zero minutes.

Whenever you make your writing time, integrate it into your schedule and don’t let anything interrupt it. Treat it just as important as you would a work meeting. And don’t forget to take frequent breaks, either! Stand up, walk around a bit. Get blood flowing and thoughts moving.

Own your writing schedule. You can take inspiration from others, but make it yours. Blaze your own trail to success!

Happy writing!

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