Reblog: Become a Better Speaker; Talk to Yourself by Tracy Meler

Ah meeting facilitation.  It is an art form, it is.  It is so much so that one of my goals this quarter is to publish an online course on meeting facilitation. There is plenty of advice out there on how to become a more confident speaker and presenter.  The easiest and most accessible one to […]

Become a Better Speaker; Talk to Yourself — The Blog

Whether we want to accept it or not, just about every single one of us will have to use the art of public speaking at least semi-frequently in our lives. In my job, even just being able to speak well with one client or a team of people interviewing me can make the difference between whether or not I’m hired.

So we know that public speaking is important, and yet it’s a skill most of us don’t practice (yes, I include myself!). In this post, Tracy presents the easiest method to perfect public speaking: talking to yourself. It seems so simple, but it wasn’t something I considered before I read this! It makes so much sense. As Tracy points out, how can you talk to others if you can’t even talk to yourself?

Let’s all vow to practice our public speaking skills, because even as writers, we’re going to need them.

Happy writing!

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