Ancient Songs Reawakened

The idea is that I found less and less to enjoy about worship music as time went on, and yet, there came a time when I realised I needed it desperately. The Father seeks those who worship in spirit and in truth, but I was never quite sure what that meant. All I knew was that I needed something to help me along the way there, something that would speak God’s truths to me so deeply that I would finally start to believe them rather than just quote them.

This is where hymns came in.

Read Ancient Songs Reawakened here

Maybe you were expecting a story about love today. In a way, this is one: the story of how I came to better understand God’s love through hymns.

Far from being outdated, hymns are beautiful pieces of poetry that all too many people have put aside for much cheaper modern “worship” music. When I picked up my pen to write the post for today, I had no idea what was going to come out. This was the result that flowed right out of me.

Though it’s different from what I normally write, I hope you enjoy my thoughts and personal journey as they pertain to hymns and worship. Here’s the link again! I put my stories on Vocal because I get a paid a cent or two every time someone reads one, and there’s no cost to you – no payment, no account that needs to be made. You get to enjoy my stories like normal and every little bit helps me to keep writing free stories and posts.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and happy writing!

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