Creatively Human

I love people (sometimes). They’re so creative! One of the reasons why I adore the arts is that they truly showcase us as human beings. No two people will ever create the exact same work of art because it’s not ruled by logic or facts – it’s ruled by creativity. AI art may be able to spit something out based on data, but it will never be able to transform raw emotion into a work of art.

Most of you probably know that creativity is a uniquely human art. No other animal on Earth possesses the ability to express thoughts and feelings artistically or problem-solve by thinking outside the box.

The funny thing is that science can’t even explain creativity (oh, the irony). While scientists can pinpoint which part of our brain makes creativity happen, no one really has an explanation for it. Seriously – look it up! Scientists have sort of just accepted that creativity – and why we have it – is just inexplicable, at least for now.

That’s really no surprise to me, and it’s just about what I expected when I started doing the research. I know exactly where our creative nature comes from. God made the universe – the single most creative act anyone could ever perform – and we’re made in his image. Of course we’re creative, too! And that’s also how I can rest in the knowledge that our creativity can never be replicated.

I’ve seen a lot of people (AKA the whole world) talking about ChatGPT and other AI writing software in recent months. And while it certainly is a notable shift, I don’t think we need to worry about robots starting to think creatively. What we do need to be concerned about is the devaluing of creativity, which we can already see in our world. Once facts and logic reign supreme, that’s when the time is ripe for the robot revolution!

Will we ever get to that point? Who knows? All you can do is continue to craft meaningful stories and show people why creativity still matters. You can do just that with the weekly writing prompt! This week, I’m asking you to write a story where every word is only one syllable. Trust me, I’m going to suffer just as much as you will, but hopefully, we’ll at least learn a new word or two in the process. If you write a story based on this writing prompt, I want to read and/or reblog it! You can post the link in the comments below or email it to me here.

Happy writing!

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