Reblog: 7 Ways to Find Telling in Your Writing by First Edition Design Publishing

…I’ve since discovered that it’s almost impossible to see Telling in your own writing just by reading. The story you’re sharing is alive in your mind, playing like a movie, with every detail available to your brain, from the pink sky your characters stand under in your scene, to the low hum of traffic in the distance. But most of that detail won’t end up in your first draft because it’s too obvious to you and you don’t want pages of description to slow your pacing. […]

7 Ways to Find Telling in Your Writing — First Edition Design Publishing – a hybrid publisher

This post is a doozy!

As is stated here, it’s really difficult to tell when you’re, well, telling too much in your story. This post provides seven quick but really useful tips on how to spot different kinds of “telling” in your writing – I know I’ve already bookmarked it for later use, especially as I’m editing This Is Convergence this year.

And once you’ve gone through all of these amazing tips, remember that it’s always helpful to have someone else look over your writing before you post, submit, etc. A stranger’s eyes will catch many things that you won’t since you’re so familiar with your story and writing style. If this is where you’re at with your writing, contact me! I do beta reading, editing, book critiques, and more, and I’d love to work with you on your story.

Happy writing!

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