First Cold: A boy’s first winter on an alien planet

A shiver forced Vaughn’s eyes to see reality again. He wrapped his arms tightly around himself. 

“I’m gonna kill Kiefer,” he muttered, kicking his boot at a dark object buried halfway in the ground, which he unpleasantly discovered was a rock from the smarting in his toes. 

What was more interesting, though, was that the ground sprayed up all around, almost like sand or pebbles. Yet, it was decidedly different. It shone bright red and glittered in the sunlight. 


Vaughn’s view widened like he was only just now opening his eyes. The red ground stretched as far as he could see in any direction, though the further away it was, the lighter the hue became until the horizon was lined with pink. Oddly enough, the towering dark green trees seemed to be dusted with the substance, too.


Once again, Vaughn kicked—much lighter than last time—though his object was now to know more about this odd ground. He watched the particles fly, then settle back down. He slowly lowered his foot. 


Vaughn stared at his feet. Just like the cave… 

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A wonderfully wintry story, just in time for Christmas!

I truly hope you’ll check out this short story filled with thrills, danger, wonder, an alien planet, and heart-warming friendship. Since it’s much longer than most of my short stories – about 3500 words – it took me several weeks to write! The characters were so much fun to work with and I loved imagining a brand new setting for winter.

So click the link above to get your winter story fix and support my writing endeavours at the same time. I get paid for every read on Vocal, but what matters most to me is just seeing that someone read and enjoyed my writing. So please, comment and like away! I hope you enjoy the story – you all are the reason that I write!

Happy reading!

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