Reblog: How to Know If Your Writing is Good? by Learn Bite-Sized English

There is structure in good writing. By using these tips, you will develop better structure and see greater improvement in your writing.

How to Know If Your Writing is Good? — Learn Bite-Sized English

Y’all know how much I talk about good writing. But how can you recognise the quality of your own writing?

This post answers that pivotal question by presenting a few hallmarks of good writing. Check your own work against these elements and see how well it holds up! If you find you’re missing something, don’t get discouraged – we’re all learning, every one of us. I know I still struggle with concision sometimes. What can I say? I like words!

Wherever you’re at with your writing, take a glance at this post to remind yourself of great writing practices.

And as always, happy writing!

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