Add Some Rhythm to Your Writing Routine

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Do you listen to music while writing? If you do, what kind of music do you listen to? Does it vary depending on what you’re writing?

Now I’m a musician, but you don’t have to be one to recognise that music is an incomprehensible gift sent straight from God. Believe it or not, it can really aid the creative process! It puts us in a good mood and therefore increases productivity. Upbeat, happy music has been found to boost creativity. Moreover, it can provide focus and keep you from being distracted by chatter around you. (These are scientifically proven facts, y’all!)

I almost always listen to music while writing, cleaning, completing chores, or pretty much doing any task related to work or hobbies. Does that mean I’m listening to music all the time? Yeah. Pretty much, although I take some time to sit in silence while I pray or reflect as well.

When you sit down to write, it’s important to know what music will aid your writing process. The wrong music can actually be distracting! I can only listen to instrumental music while I’m writing – otherwise, the lyrics get too tangled up with the words in my head. However, I do listen to hymns as I’m getting ready in the morning and doing my stretches so you’ll see those two playlists in the list below.

I also have several playlists to switch between so that each day I can listen to something new. Once I get too used to a certain playlist, I start to pay more attention to the music than my writing as I hum and sing along.

This is one reason why I love Spotify so much. Instead of taking all the time to put together your own playlist, you can mooch off of the ones others have made (although I have spent about 10 years putting together a 246-hour film score playlist – maybe that’s why I can’t be bothered to put together any other playlists!). Here are the playlists that help me get through my day:

Check out some of this music and let me know what your favourite writing music is!

Happy writing and listening!

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Photo by Marius Masalar on Unsplash

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