Choose Life: A Positive Outlook

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Every day when you wake up, you make a choice.

You can choose to think about the argument you had last night. You can dwell on the many things you’re thankful for. You can fill your mind with worries about all the work you have to do today. You can look out at the blazing sunrise and smile.

Your conscious brain can give its attention to one thing at any given time. Sure, you may have other thoughts running in the background, but there will always be one focus.

And so the choice. Do you see the world as it is, or as it could be? Do you let worry overwhelm thankfulness?

Though culture claims to promote positivity, just about everything the world is spewing at us encourages the opposite. We’re supposed to only look out for ourselves, be slow to forgive, and mindlessly wade through any task that’s not pure entertainment or pleasure.

But what about fully living life for what it is, messiness and boring jobs and all? What about beautiful relationships that aren’t easy or straightforward?

The choice. Is life an inconvenience or an opportunity?

It starts with waking up and being grateful. Experiencing a sight or a person or even a smell and taking the time to enjoy it because it’s the little things like these that truly make life beautiful. It’s recognizing that life is hard, that you have breakfast to make and a project to present, but that there’s beauty in that, so many ways to let your creativity shine. It’s trusting that there is a God with a plan that you’re a part of, even as broken and flawed as you are.

It’s not an easy choice – but nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

Every day is a new day. What will you choose?

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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