A House of Fallen Leaves: A Top Story on Vocal

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Rylie stepped out into Fall and dropped into her rocking chair without a word. Piper had won, but Rylie wasn’t about to state it. Still, she peeked a grin at her sister’s face and saw a grin twitch at her lips. 

Finally, Rylie took a sip of her coffee. Perfection. It trailed down her throat and created a warm pool in her stomach, making Rylie feel impervious to the cold despite her bare feet. 

Read A House of Fallen Leaves Here

Many of you weren’t around when I participated in Writeober back in 2020, but let me tell you, I was a beast that month. I did Writeober, Fictober, and Inktober and I succeeded in all of them. How? I have no idea.

And how is this relevant? Well, I came up with a lot of cool stories idea that month, since every day I wrote a new short story with a new setting and characters. I’ve been wanting to go back and flesh out some of the stories, so “A House of Fallen Leaves” is my first step as a revamp of the story “Leaves” that I posted on October 1, 2020.

To my surprise, the story was approved on Vocal within a couple hours, and then, lo and behold, it appeared front and center on the homepage as a top story across the whole website!

That’s me!!

Funnily enough, I almost didn’t finish this story. I wasn’t sure that anyone would really resonate with it, but the comments have already proven otherwise. All I can say is that it was prompting and motivation from God that convinced me to finish it, and I’m so glad I did.

I love fall (probably even more so because I don’t get to experience the weather here in Florida), so it’s fun for me to write about the season and try to capture its mood in a story. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy reading!

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Photo by Greg Shield on Unsplash

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