Silver Starling: A Superhero Flash Fiction Story

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I’ve never seen something so fearsome, so sharp, so loud. Every line is sharp and jagged without a hint of anything soft. I get the sense that it’s ready to devour me as soon as I make a single wrong step. And it’s not forgiving, either. It will make sure I’m consumed.

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I used to love superheroes before the Marvel movies started coming out. There was something quirky and just plain fun about the comics I read as a kid. I thought that that beautiful tone in superhero stories was gone forever after Hollywood got a hold of it – but then my brother forced me to watch an anime. This wasn’t surprising in itself, as he was always trying to get me into anime, but it was surprising that I actually liked this one.

As you might have guessed already, it’s called My Hero Academia. And I was instantly captivated by it because it took me back to when I was a kid buying a random comic (probably in the middle of a series) in the store and just loving the heck out of it. The show is funny, emotional, and unique. I love the nuanced superpowers – what an incredible idea! I also appreciate that each power has clear limits. My favourite thing about it, which I didn’t even realise until a few months ago, is the definitive line drawn between good and evil.

All of this to say that I usually don’t write superhero stories, but when I started writing about a city, a superhero just appeared out of nowhere. It’s not what you would expect from a superhero story either – no action or peril, just introspection from a girl who happens to have superpowers. And writing it all was incredibly fun.

So maybe I’ll write some more superhero stories in the future. Thanks for supporting me by reading the story on Vocal!

Happy writing!

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