Reblog: Surprising Ways Handwriting Can Boost Productivity by Make Your Biz Fizz

Listen on Spotify. With so much technology around us nowadays, it is difficult to imagine someone handwriting something, especially since many consider it an impractical, mostly useless skill in modern life. But perhaps we should not be so quick to dispense with the skill. Handwriting can help increase our productivity in several surprising ways, meaning […]

Surprising Ways Handwriting Can Boost Productivity — Make Your Biz Fizz

I’ve always loved handwriting my stories before typing them. I feel more creative when I’m handwriting and it seems like I’m able to get more of my ideas on the page, even if it’s sloppy.

Turns out there’s actual science behind this – and I’ve seen it at work. As the token “writer” amongst my family and friends, I’m often asked what to do when they get stuck writing something. “When I try to type, the ideas just stop!” they’ll often say. I usually suggest handwriting. They almost always come back exclaiming that it worked!

Of course, I understand the necessity of typing, and there are still many times when I type straight into the computer, too. In this busy, busy age, few people have the time to handwrite something and then type it up onto the computer.

But just take a moment and read this post. Handwriting really is super beneficial for productivity and creativity – if that’s so, isn’t it worth it to take a little bit of extra time to do it? If you’re like me and are writing all the time, you can even look into investing in an e-ink tablet, which almost entirely eliminates the inefficiency of getting your handwritten text onto the computer.

So pick up that pen and paper today – after reading this wonderful post, of course!

Happy writing!

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