Next Book Blues

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Does anyone else get stuck trying to find the next book to read, or is that just me?

Sure, I have a TBR list a mile long and 400 books in my personal collection. The library is just down the road and, thanks to a shared Amazon account with my mom, I now get to enjoy the benefits of Kindle Unlimited. So why is it so hard to find another book to read?

I think that part of the problem is that there’s just so much out there. Sometimes, I don’t even know which genre I’m in the mood to read because there are so many that I enjoy. Sure, I can take a trip to the library or bookstore, look around, and pick a book with a cool cover (come on, we all do it), but even that’s a little risky. I remember picking up a promising sci-fi book in a Barnes & Noble one time, only to find excessive and unnecessary swearing on the third page. On second thought, no thanks.

But when that terrible feeling of “What do I read next??” came around this time, I had an idea: There’s probably a solution on the internet for that. Sure enough, a quick search revealed this page which is, frankly, a game changer.

Did you know that there are websites that tell you which author/book to read next based on your reading interests?

Because I sure didn’t. After testing out some of these websites, I was amazed at how simple and effective they were – not to mention fun!

I even tried to stump one of the sites a little bit as I attempted to encapsulate the wide variety of genres I enjoy:

But no! This little generator wasn’t fazed.

As it happens, I’m already reading some of the Father Brown short stories! G.K. Chesterton is certainly a match.

So, what’s the conclusion of this story? I currently have Eragon sitting on my coffee table with a bookmark stuck about a third of the way through. (Yes, I know, another book I should’ve read years ago.) And once I finish that book (and possibly the whole series, though I’m not sure at this point), you can bet that I’ll be hopping on to one of these book rec sites again to find my next read.

Happy reading!

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