Reblog: What Did You Say? Favourite Idioms by Something to Ponder About

Language is so dynamic. It’s constantly shifting. It changes from nuance to nuance depending on generation, culture, population, political correctness and slang. I’ve known of immigrants – Greek-Australians – who on retirement from work in Australia, decided to reverse-migrate, back to the old country of Greece, to live out their declining years. To their surprise […]

What Did You Say? Favourite Idioms — Something to Ponder About

Language is just fascinating, isn’t it?

I think as writers, we all have some kind of fascination with language – otherwise, we wouldn’t be playing with words so much on a daily basis. And that’s why I bring you this fun (and even educational!) post about idioms and sayings in different language and how they translate. Not only is it just funny and interesting to learn about how people express themselves in other languages, but I also thought that this is a great resource for fantasy and sci-fi writers who are creating languages. These are the types of details you have to get right in a language because they tell you so much about the people speaking it!

I hope you find this post just as fun as I did. Happy writing!


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