Reblog: How to Build the Best Productive Morning Routine by Make Your Biz Fizz

Listen on Spotify. You know what it’s like. Your alarm blares and jerks you out of sleep and you realise you’ve overslept. You dash through your …

How to Build the Best Productive Morning Routine

All right, let’s be real. There are morning people and there are very not morning people. I don’t think there’s anything in between.

I used to hate mornings with a passion, and while I still prefer mornings to be filled with silence, books, and lots of tea, I’ve found that I can be quite productive in the mornings.

And it all begins with a morning routine.

Our bodies and our brains like routine. When we create a good routine in the morning and follow through with it every day, we can train our brains to be ready for writing after our routine.

The bottom line is that a good morning routine is so important for your wonderfully creative brain. This post has some fantastic tips on how to build a good morning routine! Even if you already have a routine, this post will certainly give you some points to think on. As always, it’s a quick read filled with lots of helpful info. This blog has lots of other great posts that can easily be applied to writing, too, so make sure to check it out!

What does your morning routine look like? Let me know in the comments!

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