Announcing My Next Book!

If you’ve taken a look at my post from last week about writing full-length novels, or if you know anything about my blog, then you’ll understand that I really enjoy writing short content: flash fiction, short stories, and even novellas. Last year, when I heard about Kindle Vella, I figured it would be the perfect way for me to post stories. I crafted a fun, adventurous story about dragons, my favourite mythical creatures of all time. Like usual, as I was writing, the characters took over and created a wonderful, emotionally layered component to the story that I didn’t expect.

Now, I’m bringing that story to the world in novella form! Giving Vella a try was certainly fun, but it seems to me that people still just prefer to read things in book form, and I don’t blame them; I do too!

So, how is the ebook version different from the one on Kindle Vella, you may ask? Well, first of all, you get the whole book at once, and there’s the added bonus of having an actual ebook you can keep and add to your library. Secondly, the book has gone through major revisions since it was posted on Vella. And thirdly, I added a chapter-length epilogue to the end of the book that isn’t in the Vella version!

The Dragon’s Den is coming July 1st, an action-packed fantasy novel about morality, differences, and challenging the status quo. You can pre-order it right now for only $2.99!

Briar of the Windswept Caves Knows two things. One: she hates dragons with every fibre of her being. Two: she must give herself up to them.

If there’s one rule in the land of Laflor, it’s that the worlds of humans and dragons should never mix. For dragons, sophisticated creatures that they are, could never get along with the greedy, barbarous humans who hoard treasures deep within caves. But when a dragonslayer’s sacrifice of honour evolves into a friendship with her worst enemy, things start to change in the draconic city of Oraso – and no one can say if it’s for the better.

Here’s the best news yet: you can get this book for free! If you enjoy fun, character-focused fantasy adventures, I’m looking for you to read a FREE copy of The Dragon’s Den ahead of its publication and write an honest review of it on Amazon. Contact me if you’re interested! Not only do you get a free book out of it, but hearing your opinion on the book and having the review posted will help me distribute The Dragon’s Den to a wider audience. Thank you in advance!

Even if you’re not interested in the free book, I hope you’ll preorder The Dragon’s Den so you can experience it as soon as it’s released. I’ve had a blast writing this story, and I think you’ll love it!

Don’t forget to check out my other books as well while you’re at it!

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Photo by Yuriy Kleymenov on Unsplash

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