Reblog: 3 Tips For Writing When Overcome By Writer’s Block by A Writer’s Path

When Maya Angelou spoke about her daily writing routines, she described how she rented a hotel downtown and arrived there at 6:30 in the morning. She would write, stay until about two in the afternoon, then go home and look over what she had written that morning. My question when I read that here was: […]

3 Tips For Writing When Overcome By Writer’s Block — A Writer’s Path

Writer’s block. It haunts all of us, doesn’t it? Often, it can even be an irrational fear sitting in the back of our minds: Sure, I’m writing fine now, but what if I suddenly get struck by writer’s block?!

You really can’t talk about writer’s block too much, in my opinion. It’s something we all struggle with at different times. That’s why I found this post so relevant and useful; I’ve tried all three of the tips listed at various points throughout my life, and they’ve helped me tremendously.

This post also hints at the fact that every one of us has a different writing routine, and that’s okay! We’re all unique, so of course, we have unique ways of doing the same thing. Find your way of dealing with writer’s block; hopefully, this post can help with that.

Happy writing, and have a great weekend!

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