For Goodness’ Sake

No. 6/100 100-word short stories for my 100 follower celebration!

It took the span of six heartbeats for Ezra to make the right decision. 

When he finally made up his mind, he suppressed a sigh and reached toward Mother Maya, grabbing the twitching cleaning droid from her hands. 

“Here,” he said gently, “let me take a look at it.” 

Mother Maya’s lips were firm as she turned to meet his gaze, but she couldn’t mask the look of relief that flooded her eyes.

Maybe she’ll give me an extra portion at dinner later, he thought, loathing himself. 

Would he ever learn to do good simply for the sake of others?

. . .

As human beings, we’re at our best when we’re loving and valuing others over our own wants or needs (healthily, of course – we can’t love others until we love ourselves). Even though this is truly what we’re meant for, it’s not something we can instantly achieve. It takes years upon years of work, and even then, sometimes we do “good” things for selfish reasons.

But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to do better. We should keep loving and serving, always.

As the last line of the show Return to Cranford goes: “Love, Mr. Buxton. It is the final word.”

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