When things don’t happen the way you planned…

Happy Friday, everyone! Normally, I come to you at the start of the weekend with a longer post on writing, but with my husband being ill and at home this week, my schedule has been all over the place. Therefore, I haven’t had time to write the post I had planned for today, but I can tell you that you’ll see it next week and it’s called “What if my New Year’s resolutions aren’t working out?”

For today, I hope you’ll enjoy this little story called “Opposites” that was collecting dust in my Documents folder. Have a great weekend!

Despite what everyone said and thought, Imran was perfectly happy living in the Frozen Northern Wastelands. 

“I thought dragons were cold-blooded,” newcomers and strangers would say when they passed him in the marketplace or stopped by his dwelling along their journey. 

“They are,” Imran would reply, usually busying himself with making sure his stock of fish looked presentable at his stall or stoking a fire on his hearth at home. “I may be a little slower up here than I was in the south, but I like the feeling of sitting by the fire on a cool, crisp night. Don’t you?” 

At that point, people would be forced to agree—but they always thought to themselves: a dragon, living in constant winter? Surely, he can’t really be content. 

But he was. In fact, Imran was one of the most loved and appreciated members of his little village. He always made sure that fires were high and bellies were full on the coldest nights, and no traveller would pass by his hut without being gifted with some firewood, provisions, and blankets, if not a night’s rest. 

Some theorized that he was the only dragon to ever visit—let alone live in—the Frozen Northern Wastelands. But Imran didn’t care about history, and he didn’t care about being unique. He simply found pleasure in helping those who needed him most.

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Photo by Stephan H. on Unsplash

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