The Conqueror

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No. 4/100 100-word short stories for my 100 follower celebration!

She stares across a sea that has no end, the wind swirling around her like the doubts and fears that plague her mind. The water churns and slaps harshly against the pier. It seems like a living thing, foaming and tossing itself to and fro like it’s seeking its next victim. Seeking her. She feels rooted to the spot, like she’s physically incapable of leaving solid ground. How can she stand being in the middle of that tempest with no ground around to break her fall? Yet, she squeezes her fists in defiance. She will go and conquer the waves.

. . .

Replace the ocean in this story with anything seemingly insurmountable that you’re facing in your life. I pray that you find the courage to journey out onto the waves.

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Photo by Ragga Muffin from Pexels

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