Get out of the house. Seriously.

If you weren’t a homebody before the pandemic, chances are you’re probably one now.

Personally, I’ve always loved being at home, which is very much connected to the fact that I’m an introvert. At home, I can just be in my quiet little bubble. Everything is familiar and safe, and I have few worries. I work from home, too, so the majority of my time is spent there.

I think many of you can probably relate to that after the past couple of years we’ve had. Home is a great place to be, and when we’re done with work for the day, we’re rushing to get back to that safe, comfortable haven.

But staying home all the time isn’t conducive to productive writing.

I’ve mentioned before how seeking out new memories is crucial to getting new ideas, but getting out of the house to write is an idea that can’t be overstated. To stimulate your imagination, you need to be in different surroundings and see new things. There are so many incredible things to experience in this world that you’ll never run out of inspiration – as long as you get out there.

Everyone is different, and you probably already know your favourite kind of atmosphere to work in. I like coffee shops and being outside. While quiet is good, I’ve actually found that a gentle buzz of chatter and/or music is ideal for me. And being outdoors, especially, gives me plenty of ideas from nature.

As an example, this whole post was inspired by a short writing trip I took yesterday. (See? Getting out of the house yesterday is already paying off!) Within just a few minutes of leaving my car, I saw a towering tree filled with small, blooming yellow flowers. As the wind started to blow, the flowers rained down all around me and I couldn’t help but smile. It was beautiful.

And then my imagination kicked into gear.

What if there was a forest that constantly rained flowers? I thought. How incredible would that be?

Not only did I have a wonderful experience, but I got a good idea that I packed away for something in the future (which I’m sure you’ll see in a story sooner or later). And this happened many times throughout the day as I alternated between writing and exploring.

I think nature is my biggest inspiration for most of the things I write – I love looking at the world and imagining what would happen if things were just a little bit different. Creation is so vast that I could never see all of it, and it’s so mind-blowingly amazing that sometimes it already feels like I’m living in a fantasy world.

Find your inspiration this weekend. Get out of the house and explore this amazing world; I guarantee you’ll find something that will kick your imagination right into gear.

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Happy writing!

Photo by Na visky on Unsplash

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10 thoughts on “Get out of the house. Seriously.

  1. I actually never tried writing elsewhere, except in my own house, office, or campervan. Obviously I do spend time outside, as much as possible, and this always fills me with inspiration. I think even more strongly so because as an ecologist I look at outside through a different lens….

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  2. I enjoy going to coffee shops too! I just sit there with headphones on (without music) so I can tune in to the people around me without seeming too creepy. Some of them make it into my books as characters. Also, having a dog is great because it forces me to walk every day and to notice imageries I could use in writing, since I don’t bring my phone. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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  3. I’m the same way! For years I thought I had to have complete silence to write. I’d only write in the early morning or late at night when the house was quiet and filled only with the breathing of my sleeping family. As you can imagine, this didn’t work. Early mornings end too soon with waking kids and late nights make me tired and unable to function well the next day.

    My teenage son introduced me to low-fi beats and now I can write anywhere. I actually prefer a busy coffeeshop. I’m less distracted than at home, I eat far less snacks and I stay focused. It took a few years, but now I have my favorite coffee shop and it’s a bit of a walk from where you park and I’m always finding inspiration on my walk and by people watching.

    Great post! Leave your house.

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