Journey to the Origin…

A feeling of dread came over Luthias as he stepped into the shadow, then saw the outline of something large and hulking standing resolute in front of him. As the wind blew, the thing seemed to groan in pain. 

Luthias shivered. Despite the cloak, he felt cold to his core. 

“Even you feel the evil here,” Stel whispered. “A good thing turned to chaos. That was the way of our ancestors, and it’s what my people vowed to never do again.” 

Luthias didn’t have a word for the thing in front of him. It was certainly old, but it was made out of no material he was familiar with. It soared up so high that the top of it was swallowed up in darkness. He could tell it wasn’t a living thing, but somehow, Luthias felt it was watching him

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Photo by Gabriele Motter on Unsplash

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