Reblog: Silly Superstitions (A Short Story) by A Virginia Writer’s Diary

Addie had never put much stock in silly superstitions. They existed all around her, from her mother’s belief that you should enter and leave by the same door, to her father’s insistence that you must always leave one apple in the orchard at the end of a harvest. Even the local preacher, who steadfastly believed […]

Silly Superstitions (A Short Story) — A Virginia Writer’s Diary

It’s always wonderful to come across a story that has perfect balance. The thing that really captured me about “Silly Superstitions” was the battle between humour and tragedy throughout the whole story. And, well, I just love it when people poke fun at silly superstitions!

All in all, this is a delightful little read that I hope you’ll take a look at today. It may just be what you need to jumpstart the middle of your week – I know it put a smile on my face!

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