Review: Good Writing Words by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

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It’s very rare that I come across good writing books that are also short and concise. This book isn’t necessarily a writing book, but it is a book that can certainly help to improve your writing, and it’s an easy read you can keep on hand at all times! Check out my review of Good Writing Words, originally posted on

Looking to enhance your vocabulary? Struggling to find just the right word to fill in the blank? That’s what Good Writing Words is here for! In this brief but jam-packed book, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu has created lists of meaningful words that can be used in all different types of scenarios. With several different categories of words covered, as well as some light word mechanics, this book is an easy-to-navigate resource for both writers and knowledge-seekers alike.  

I found this book to be a great vocabulary repository to keep on hand, especially as a writer myself. I think the layout of this book was done very well. The word lists are separated into categories that range from “Medieval” to “Snappy American English,” making it easy to refer back to. These lists are fairly brief when considering the whole of the English language, but one glance tells you that they have not been carelessly chosen. The words in this book are all expressive, descriptive, and still quite common. They may not be words you hear every day, but the average reader will be familiar with many of them. That’s what I enjoy most about this book: the goal isn’t to teach you insanely long words that make you sound like a rocket scientist, but rather to enhance everyday writing and speech. I’ve never seen another book like it! 

The only thing I disliked about this book was the organization of the first section, “Word Mechanics.” It’s rather cluttered and could be a lot neater to make it easier to read. The rest of the book was neat, to the point, and full of great information. 

I think that just about any adult could find a use for this book. If you write any kind of content regularly—emails, letters, papers, books, poems, etc.—then this book is for you. Additionally, anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills would benefit from studying this book as well. It’s all about learning new words to bolster your vocabulary, and I think that most people would benefit from giving this book at least one read-through. 

Overall, Good Writing Words is a small but mighty vocabulary resource. With its carefully crafted lists of words, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their vocabulary. I rate it four out of four stars

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