The Pen Is Mightier Than Ever!

Greetings, fellow writers, and happy March! I’m excited to be working and blogging again; my vacation was wonderful, full of both rest and adventure, but it’s good to be back!

A Writing Warmup

Based on the prompt: comfort

To a queen who was ruler of nothing, there was little comfort to ever be had. Where could one find warmth when their subjects were icicles and their closest companions trees? The chilling wind grew fiercer every day, an enemy that the queen could not reason with. She spent most of her time wondering when the remainder of the castle would finally collapse. But sometimes, amid the lonely wasteland, the queen lit a fire and picked up a book from the meagre pile she’d salvaged from the decimated library. And as she read, even for a precious hour or two, the world around her disappeared.

Blog/Writing Updates

  • I’m looking for beta readers for a fun, action-packed fantasy novella involving dragons and a strong female protagonist. You can sign up for my newsletter here if you’re interested. Being a beta reader comes with awesome perks, including a free book, and all you have to do is read my short book and tell me your opinions on it!
  • I have a new fundraising goal on Ko-fi! Check it out and keep up with my new story, The Chosen Two, by following the link. You can’t read The Chosen Two anywhere else!
  • Even if you’re not interested in being a beta reader, I encourage you to sign up for my monthly newsletter (if you do it soon, you can still catch the issue that comes out today!). My goal is to create a community of writers that can share resources, successes, and questions with each other.
  • You may have noticed that my website’s homepage looks a bit different. I’m working on refining my blog, so expect there to be a lot more changes coming up, mostly in the appearance of the site.

I’m excited to share some new posts with you this week! For now, happy writing!


Thanks to my wonderful supporters on Ko-fi, I was able to purchase a 3-year membership to the Florida Writer’s Association, which will really help me grow my skills as a writer and an indie author! THANK YOU! Want to join in on the action? Check out my Ko-fi, where you can read my ongoing story The Chosen Two! Don’t worry, it’s free, and donations are entirely optional!

I’m also looking for beta readers for a project I’m looking to publish! Interested? Subscribe to my newsletter to find out more!

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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