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In writing anything fiction—a short story, a novel, what have you—it is important to keep in mind the significance of utilizing sensory details for the benefit of the reader. Even if your plot is centered around something far outside the realm of perception—and please enlighten me if this is your plan—you’ll still want to try […]

Sensory Details in Writing — Goblin Opinions

Writers, read this blog post. We don’t talk about these kinds of details enough, but they are the sort of nuances that make a story go from good to great.

I love how much the author talks about these sensory details being an important part of defining a character. Because sure, character creation can be filling out 100 random facts about your character that you’ll probably never use… Or, you can fill out a much briefer, more concise sheet that tells you a character’s most important points so that you can easily figure out how a character will react to any given thing – even in their descriptions.

I encourage you to practise writing like this. Create a brief story of a character describing something – the sound of a symphony, the sight of a mountain, the feel of water, etc. – and write it multiple times from different points of view. See how different each character can be!

Happy writing!

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