Stretch Your Brain with Writing Warmups

When you work out, you do a warmup before you start. Before a soccer game, you do a warmup to get you going. Even artists warm up with quick sketches before they get to work.

So why don’t we talk about writing warmups more?

I’ll admit that I haven’t been the best at doing them consistently. However, I’m trying to change that this year. Before I start work every day, I’m doing a warmup that takes 10 minutes max to write. That’s hard for me. Very hard. I want everything I write to be perfect and polished, but that’s not the point of warmups. The point of a warm up is to stretch my brain and my fingers, to get my imagination running.

So while I won’t be posting my writing warmups every single day, I’ll be posting at least one a week so that you can get a feel for what my warmups are like. They won’t be pretty and professionally edited, and heck, they may not even be good! But I’m getting words on paper, and that’s all that matters.

Prompt: A sneeze


For some, it was already too late. They had failed to hear the sniffles leading up to the almighty sneeze, and now they would pay the price. Water rippled. Waves rose. The residents of the sea who heard the dragon’s sneeze too late were caught up in the tumbling water, projected miles away by that earth-shattering sneeze.

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Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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