Reblog: The Benefits of a Blogging Break by Myths of the Mirror

I’m heading out to explore some volcanos. Life’s been pretty hectic these past few months as my parents’ health continues to decline and obligations pile up. I’m good at not sweating the small stuff, but not everything can be ignored forever. Blogging Breaks seem to work miracles for me in avoiding burnout and reinvigorating my […]

The Benefits of a Blogging Break — Myths of the Mirror

If you don’t know already from my post about taking breaks as a writer, I’m very passionate about rest. Our society is so centred around going, going, going, that I think it’s important to be intentional about resting – otherwise, it’s not going to happen.

I came across this post from a lovely blog I discovered and thought it had some great thoughts to share on resting from blogging specifically! I really think you’ll enjoy it.

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3 thoughts on “Reblog: The Benefits of a Blogging Break by Myths of the Mirror

  1. Ha! Who needs rest when procrastinate enough on the daily? It’s like the microsleep of taking naps.

    It’s great to see this post because it’s a wonderful throwback as I remember reading this last year too.

    Me personally, I hate being one of them ‘hustle bois’, but I actually do feel better at the end of the day if I’m somewhat knackered from pursuing my craft. My blogging schedule is pretty tame, however, so I’m probably not the best candidate for burnout, lol. Thanks so much for this reblog and reminder, EJ!

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    • Procrastination is so relatable 😂 I definitely agree that being exhausted from doing what you love is a good thing, and I love that feeling too! It’s great to feel when you’ve given your all.

      I think my favourite example is my really strong memories of falling asleep after football games in high school, when I was in the marching band. On those days, I’d be going constantly from 8 AM to 10-11 PM, going to school, practising the marching show/songs, then actually being at the football game and playing/marching. After those days, I just remember lying there in my bed and feeling so sore and tired, but so good, like I’d accomplished so much and done my very best. Thanks for bringing those memories back 😁

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