The Chosen Two: A Brand New Story

To kick off this year, I’m starting a new story today on my Ko-fi! (If you’re one of my email subscribers, I hope you’re already excited by the exclusive excerpt you read in the newsletter!) As opposed to most of the stories I’ve posted on the blog, this story will have multiple chapters that I’ll be posting weekly on my Ko-fi.

What if you weren’t the only Chosen One? 

As a dedicated scholar in the tribe of the Walkers, Luthias knows the prophecy of the Chosen One by heart. But when the Walkers’ way of life is threatened and the Chosen One is nowhere to be found, Luthias puts everything on the line and claims that he is the One. He’s ushered out on his own to travel to the dreaded Radiant Chasm with nothing but a vague prophecy to guide his way. When he arrives, he encounters the last thing he expected—a woman named Stel from the rival Striker tribe who also claims to be the Chosen One. 

Reluctantly, Luthias and Stel venture together into the depths of their planet to solve the mystery of the darkness that’s eating every trace of light. But to the Chosen Two, the bigger mystery is whether the prophecy has really chosen them, or if they have chosen the prophecy. 

I hope you’re just as excited about this story as I am! Make sure you subscribe to my Ko-fi so you get a notification every time a new chapter is posted!

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