Tuesday is just Monday, but a little to the left

Okay yeah, you caught me. I missed two posts I was supposed to make last week, and I didn’t even update yesterday either! How could I?

Well, all I can say is that I was extremely busy. (Really, it’s not an excuse, but as a new indie author, a freelancer with constantly fluctuating work, and a newly married woman, I’m still tweaking my schedule to see what works best for me!) As a quick update on last week, I had a short story that was due on Thursday. And while I worked on it diligently leading up to the due date, on the day of, I looked at what I’d written and I wasn’t satisfied, so I scrapped the greater part of 8,000 words and started over. And that was how I ended up with a throbbing headache at 11:00pm on Thursday night. (But hey, I got the story in, so it was worth it!)

In addition, as you might have noticed, I came out with a new book! Here’s what readers are saying about Colours so far:

“This is beautifully written and difficult to put down!”

5-star review by Kindle Customer

“These stories are connected in a way you’re not expecting and it’s brilliant! The prose flows nicely and the characters are well crafted. Improbable influences come together for moving tale of loss and restoration. You won’t guess where things end up, but I guarantee you’ll enjoy the journey.”

5-star review by author TJ Marquis

At a price of only $1.99 and a 30 minute read, it’s the perfect book for busy sci-fi fans who are on a book budget. Please consider buying the book and leaving a review to support an indie author (me!) and get the book’s rankings up on Amazon. I believe that this story’s message about hope and restoration is something that this world desperately needs right now!

The Lineup This Week

  • Continuing work on a contemporary romance novella
  • Brainstorming/writing an NFT backstory and Twitter scavenger hunt
  • Working on a submission to a literary magazine
  • Queueing up some blog posts
  • Plugging away at Project Pea
  • Applying to jobs
  • Drafting some book/story ideas that I’ve had recently

Freelancing Tip

Set goals for yourself. If you’re just working constantly and have no idea where you want to end up, you won’t end up anywhere. What do you want to have accomplished in 1 month? 6 months? A year? 5 years? (The Indie Space has helped me a lot with actually writing out my goals, which has made me a lot more motivated! Seriously, every indie author should check this place out!)

Final Thoughts

Stay tuned for more regular posts! As you may have seen in my to-do list this week, I’m working on queueing up some blog posts since I finally have a little bit of free time to do so. That means I’ll be (hopefully!) posting here three times a week again! Be sure to also check out my Twitter where I’m active all week!

Remember to take a look at Colours, and subscribe to this blog so you can see all of my unique stories and valuable writing tips!

That’s all for now! Have a great week!


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