You know what day it is!


Last week was an insanely busy week for me! Luckily, things are slowing down this week, but I have some really exciting things that I’m working on!

What’s on My Plate?

  • Continuing edits on the second draft of Project Pea.
  • Ghostwriting a clean romance novella.
  • Editing a college and career book.
  • Writing a short story for The Indie Space anthology. (More on The Indie Space in another post!)
  • Writing a flash fiction story for a personal project.
  • Brainstorming storyline ideas for a company’s mascot.
  • And networking and talking to new people about new projects!

Freelancing Tip

Y’know, everybody says this everywhere, but when you’re a freelancer, networking is a great asset to you! Get to know people in your field, and get to know people outside your field too! You never know who may refer you or who may be able to help you with one of your own projects.

Fun Fact!

A year on Venus is shorter than a day on Venus. Yup, Venus’ rotation is just super slow. It’s just a little lazy, I guess. I get it.

And that’s almost it for this week, but one more thing. If you didn’t see my announcement about my upcoming book, you should check it out! I’m so excited to share this unique story with you all!

And now, I am done. Happy writing!


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