What’d I Miss?

After taking a nice extended weekend to relax, I’m back to work here on Wednesday. I’ve got three interviews within the next three days, so job offers are definitely starting to pick up! I’m so thankful to God for all the opportunities and for the break I was able to have.

What am I up to this week?

  • Working on an awesome project I’m going to announce here this week! (Stay tuned!)
  • Continuing detailed work on Project Pea.
  • Participating in job interviews.
  • Outlining a romance book I’m ghostwriting.
  • Creating a list of upcoming posts for my blog!
  • I’m also trying to figure out my goals for each of my social media platforms when it comes to my writing. I’m still working out what’s working and what’s not; but as always, you can still expect short stories, writing tips, and reviews!

Short Writing Tip

What are you reading? If it’s good, are you taking note of what’s good about it? If it’s awful, are you taking notes about what’s disappointed you? This doesn’t need to distract from your reading, but after you’re finished with the book, take a moment to jot down some thoughts. It really helps to get into the mindset of a reader while you’re writing a story!

Fun Fact

In 1896, Walter Arnold was the first person ever to get a speeding ticket–and he was going 8 mph, four times the speed limit.

Have fun and be safe out there, y’all! Happy writing!

One thought on “What’d I Miss?

  1. Oh yeah, I’ve started exploring what it is that makes me feel a certain way about stories lately, and it’s been helping me learn more about the craft. Every time I’m moved, or disgusted, I note down the scene and why. It’s really an awesome thing to do!


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